Searching for Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements stinks. A lot. But good news: It doesn’t have to.

A comprehensive database featuring all of the latest Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) STIGs, STIGHub is a simple tool that allows you to quickly search through the entire DISA STIG library with ease, saving you valuable time and sparing you unnecessary frustration.

STIGHub was designed with you (yes, you) in mind, aimed at saving you up to 75% in research time.

Let us walk you through the antiquated process STIGHub solves: 

  1. Access the DoD Cyber Exchange website

  2. Find a DISA STIG that looks like it could be a winner

  3. Download the file

  4. Locate the file 

  5. Unzip the file

  6. Realize it’s an XML file

  7. Panic because you’re unfamiliar with XML files

  8. Google how to view XML files

  9. Take a victory lap for learning about XML files

  10. Search for your compliance requirements

  11. Cross your fingers that this is the one you’re looking for 

  12. Cry because it’s not 

There’s no guarantee you’ll find it on the first try. Or the second. Or the third. You get the idea: You’ll be adding endless time to the clock until you find the needle in the haystack. 

Not anymore. 

Save your tears for Leo’s devastating watery doom (see: Titanic v. Iceberg) — STIGHub does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our easy-to-use web application does away with all the unnecessary nonsense. 

Adios, downloads. 

Peace out, complicated XML files. 

Simply type in the keyword or phrase relevant to your DISA STIG, and you’re off. It’s that simple. No, really. 

STIGHub highlights the keywords and phrases you’re after, guiding your tired eyes exactly where they need to go to ensure efficiency while you search. 

Updating nightly, STIGHub ensures the DoD Cyber Exchange’s most recently published DISA STIGs are available for searching. 

STIGHub is also available as a mobile application on iOS and Android, giving you all that knowledge on the go.