We at Beacon Cloud Solutions only needed to walk through the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process of categorizing one information system to know there was a better way.   The better way is "RMF Ready."

RMF Ready automates NIST guidance, (FIPS 199 & SP 800-60 vol 1& 2), CNSSI 1253, and SP800-53 Rev 4 into an intuitive web application that outputs your baseline security control set.   Whether you are a federal agency or a DoD component, RMF Ready takes the guesswork out of identifying your data types and assigning impact levels to each data type. The result is your FIPS 199 security categorization and every baseline security control applicable to your information system.

Whether a new system is coming online or verifying an existing organization's security controls, use RMF Ready to test and validate your organization's existing security control baseline or leverage RMF Ready to get a jump start for your RMF implementation.