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Cybersecurity & Compliance

How often is your organization confused or unsure about its security posture because of inconsistency within the compliance frameworks that should provide consistency?    With 30+ years of combined experience with information system security frameworks, Beacon Cloud Solutions (BCS) has encountered a myriad of issues ranging from inconsistent Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments, poor data acquisition processes, and subjectivity in all aspects of cybersecurity requirements implementation.   

Often these issues can be addressed through a simple, unique approach tailored to your organization.   Paperwork heavy security frameworks such as Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD IT steers focus away from operational security to manual processes involving spreadsheets and perpetually changing templates..   It is in these manual business processes that BCS helps our customers streamline compliance and gain operational intelligence. We like to let the computers do what computers do, which is process data. Why make it hard for your organization and teams?  


eMASS Exhaustion?

Tired of fighting with eMASS, losing valuable time,  and find repetitive, mundane tasks part of your everyday life?   We did too! When you have work to get done, especially cybersecurity lifecycle management, you do not have time to waste.  BCS has developed automation for multiple eMASS PAIN POINTS. We ensure data acquisition captures the right data in the correct format and outputs to eMASS compatible templates.  Save headaches, take back your time, and start getting paperless by automating steps 3 and 4 of RMF.  

Control Correlation Identifiers (CCIs)


Automate RMF security control CCI responses and integrate seamlessly with eMASS.  If you are familiar with RMF, then you know CCI responses can number in the thousands and then some.  Let BCS provide simple solutions to automate your compliance management.


POA&M Management

Let BCS keep you in compliance with FISMA, OMB, and the latest guidance found in RMF for federal agencies and components to track vulnerabilities through a Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M).   We've automated the process and integrated with eMASS.