“The future’s in the cloud” — a phrase you’ve surely been hearing ad nauseam for years alongside watercooler conversations about politics, the Super Bowl favorites, and the best Batman (spoilers: it’s Christian Bale). Plenty of people wrote it off as little more than nothing. 

We didn’t. 

Beacon Cloud Solutions was founded in 2011 with the hopes of moving away from the cybersecurity industry’s archaic business model, and direct focus on a newer, better way of life: cloud computing. Because in 2019, you really shouldn’t need much more than an internet connection and a browser to get work done. 

It’s people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it. They keep thinking about something until they find the best way to do it.
— Tim Cook (CEO, Apple)

At BCS, our mission is — contrary to most things government IT — actually pretty simple: we make your work suck less. We aim to enable cybersecurity professionals to make objective risk-based decisions through innovative solutions (like, you know, Cloud Solutions).

A vast majority of government IT compliance surrounding Risk Management Framework (RMF) is riddled with nightmare fuel in the form of manual processes, spreadsheets, and everyone’s absolute favorite: email (or is it e-mail? E mail, maybe?). 

We take your difficult processes and uncorrelated data and craft it into something you can — get this — actually make sense of, positioning your decision makers with operational visibility and intelligence about their Information System. 

Essentially, just because your company works a certain way right now doesn’t have to mean it’s the only way. There’s always a better way. 

With more than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, system architecture, and application development, you can trust BCS to help your company find a better way, allowing you to innovate and succeed.